Common Metabolism Myths

Myth #1 – Don’t Eat After Certain Hours

Myth #1 - Don't Eat After Certain Hours

Eating after certain hours is not the problem for slow metabolism, it is mostly portion control, what kind of food you eat, and your activity. If you are hungry, you cannot sleep, in fact, your metabolism slows down more, and for a much longer time when you go to sleep.

It is not recommended by any experts or dietitians to go to sleep on an empty stomach. The body needs to rest comfortably, the body needs to get enough sleep, the body needs to rejuvenate while you sleep. The stress of not having a good night’s sleep can really decrease your metabolism and cause you to gain weight.

The idea of not eating after certain times is a disservice to your metabolism. It forces the metabolism to work harder to conserve energy because it goes to a starvation mode. If you are hungry, by all means, you can eat something light or have a drink.

For example, a cup of hot tea with lemon, a glass of water, a piece of fruit, a yogurt, a salad, a slice of cheese, and 2 spoons of peanut butter, etc. Something that can satisfy your hunger and keep you not thinking about food all night long.

The rules for staying healthy is to eat a well balanced high fiber food and drink plenty of liquid to keep your body hydrated. Learn to manage stress and anxiety through meditation, yoga, and exercise. Avoid sleeping medication, it will complicate your problem of slow metabolism even further. In addition, it will interfere with your body mechanism to function naturally, and it will most likely cause dependency.

Myth #2 – Can Vitamins Speed Up Your Metabolism

Myth #2 - Can Vitamins Speed Up Your Metabolism

What vitamin manufactures fail to tell you, while vitamins can be beneficial to your body, it can also harm you. You need to know that the health food stores vitamin b-6 can be dangerous to your body. Vitamins if not used the proper way can cause you great harm.

Especially vitamins in health food stores, they exceeded one or two milligrams daily dosages a person needs. Overdose can cause sensory loss, so be careful. Reduce doses of vitamin E intake to avoid blood clots. Excess vitamins A and D can cause dryness, muscle heck, and cirrhosis. You are better off limiting the intake of these supplements to the recommended daily dietary supplements.

Many others have very bad side effects, especially niacin, if you take it in great quantity as a tranquilizer, you risk getting niacin toxicity, which is a skin disorder, so limit the quantity intake.

Having a good running metabolism is a combination of taking care of your body the right way. Keep a healthy lifestyle, train your body to acquire energy from fat reserve and resistance while exercising. Make exercise and diet a daily part of your life. Another thing you can do to help your metabolism is by lowering the temperature in your shower, and in your bedroom while you sleep.

The reason for all of that is because your metabolism needs to be active, it will be forced to produce energy to keep warm. No two people are alike, use your discretion, if you can do a little bit here and there to improve your metabolism, why not try it.

Myth #3 – Can Eating Fruits And Skip A Meal Help Speed Up Metabolism

Myth #3 - Can Eating Fruits And Skip A Meal Help Speed Up Metabolism

It is partially true, however, you need a combination of diets, fruits, portion control, and exercises to do the trick. Metabolism is made of two processes which are Catabolism and Anabolism. In order for your metabolism to function properly, it has to comply with both processes.

Catabolism is responsible for the breakdown of the compounds that allow energy movement to be released throughout the body while Anabolism is responsible for building and maintaining cells to the body. So bodyweight is determined by the result of these two components when you subtract the amount of food consumption to the amount of food used you get the result of what your weight is supposed to be.

Eating fruit alone is not a recommendation to speed up your metabolism, it does not have enough nutrients to keep the body in a healthy state. To maintain normal metabolism, it has to be a well-balanced diet, portion control, and exercise. Listen to your body, you eat when your body tells you to, if you are not hungry, you do not have to follow a particular rule to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Make sure when you eat, you do it the proper way. Limit the high fatty foods, empty-calorie foods, processed foods, focus more on nutritional value foods, food that is natural in nature.

There are little tricks you can do even when you have to indulge in a meal that is overly processed. You can take the skin of the chicken, you can substitute yogurt for mayonnaise, you can also use almond milk or low fat instead of whole. Consider another alternative to replace a soda with seltzer, avoid megavitamins by eating enough fruits and vegetables, or make sure you utilize only FDA approved one.

What diet promoters did not tell you, some of them are less harmful but others are very dangerous. You cannot follow their diet for a long period of time. Make sure you do your due diligence before you get involved. FDA has issued many warnings in the past about these so-called saviors for obesity. They prey on people whom they think are vulnerable, because obesity is such a big problem for many people, they are willing to try anything that can solve their problem.

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