Paleo Diet Review – What is Paleo Diet?

Would Paleo Diet work for your weight loss?

Paleo Diet Review - What is Paleo Diet?

Can you follow a strict regimen of the Paleo Diet and stick with it? In this Paleo Diet Review, you will be able to determine whether you can apply the same principle to achieve your weight loss goal.

Paleo Diet Review – What is a Paleo Diet Food guide

Paleo Diet Review - What is Paleo Diet?
Healthy Green And Protein

A clean eating healthy meal consists of fish, vegetables, and fruits. Paleo diet is a non-process, organic, glutton free, and whole foods diet. The focus point of this diet is based on rich protein foods, such as meat, fish, eggs. No added sugar because natural food contains its own sugar.

Does Paleo Diet work for weight loss?
Fruit salad

Who invented the Paleo Diet?

Paleo diet is a special diet designed to combat lifestyle diseases. This diet was used by people of the early Stone Age era. That is the reason why they also referred to it as the Stone Age or caveman diet.

Paleo Diet Breakfast

This Paleo Diet review is focusing on how the Paleo diet works for weight loss.

Paleo Diet Review - What is Paleo Diet?
Meat And Salad

Today, the Paleo Diet has become famous as a weight loss regimen. It restricts certain food groups and eliminates others. It gives an overview of how the Paleo Diet is supposed to work along with the pros and cons.

What is the Paleo Diet?

Paleo Diet is a diet that is high fat and low in carbs. It eliminates the process of food intake.

Mainly the food list for the Paleo diet is as follows:

meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, roots, and nuts. Legumes, salt, grains, dairy products, and processed oils are eliminated from the food list because they were not there during the Stone Age period.

Does Paleo Diet work for weight loss?
Fruits, Vegies and Toasts

Who begins to eat a Paleo diet?

The Paleolithic diet is based on foods that were consumed by our ancestors who lived a thousand years ago. The food list on this diet comprises what our ancestors used to hunt and gather.

Does Paleo Diet Help In Weight Loss?

Does Paleo Diet works for weight loss?proteins and fruit salad
Fresh Green Salad and protein

This is a question asked by many. Paleo diet has helped many people to lose weight without the need of counting on calories and conducting strenuous exercises. This diet is a perfect choice if you wish to lose weight naturally.

What are the other contributing factors to obesity?

Among the contributing factors that lead to increased weight gain today, are poor feeding habits and lack of necessary essential nutrients. We feed on a lot of junk processed food. Most of this food is rich in carbohydrates and dense in calories.

How does the Paleolithic principle weight loss?

The Paleolithic diet works by the principle of elimination and restriction. Grain and dairy products are eliminated in the 

Paleo Diet - Legumes - Nuts and Proteins
Paleo- Nuts – Legumes and Proteins


The intake of carbohydrates is restricted to consuming only low carbohydrates. Therefore, there is a reduction in calorie intake if you 

follow this diet.

Paleolithic foods are rich in soluble fiber, antioxidant vitamins, phytochemicals, monounsaturated fats, and carbs 

of the low glycemic index.

The high protein in the diet has a more significant thermic effect than carbohydrates and fats. It helps in boosting body metabolism and speeding weight loss.

Does Paleo Diet works for weight loss?
Shrimps And Seafoods Salad

How does protein speed loss of weight?

Proteins have the property of bringing a sense of fullness. When you consume protein, you feel full. Therefore, you will not suffer from frequent hunger that will make you eat frequently.

You will not need to take snacks in between meals because you will be feeling full.

This breakage of appetite brings about reduced feeding hence quick loss of weight.

Are there any benefits of the Paleo Diet?

• Burns down calories

The diet as stated earlier that the body burns down calories quickly. In less than two weeks you will have lost significant weight.

Because the restriction of carbohydrates and fats in the diet enables the body to burn extra fat very quickly.

• It Improves athletic performance.

Does Paleo Diet work for weight loss?
Yoga – Exercise

By consuming the caveman diet, your body will be able to develop endurance and strength to perform various types of exercise. The body will be athletic and lean as a result of burnt calories.

• It boosts your immunity

The diet is a natural one and it consists of food groups such as vegetables and fruits which help in improving the body’s immunity.

By consuming the Paleo Diet, you will be able to protect and prevent chemicals used in processed foods that can harm your body.

• Improves your heart health

A Paleo Diet does not contain polyunsaturated fatty acids and cholesterol that might compromise your heart health. These two compounds can cause atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.

Who should use the Paleo diet?

Does Paleo Diet works for weight loss? Shrimps and olive oil.
Diet – Seafoods Salad

Anyone who wants to eat healthily and stay healthy are better off with the Paleo diet. People who suffer from obesity, heart problems, diabetes, will see a significant change in their body in terms of foodborne diseases.

A plant-based diet with a low card is a way to go. It helps control carbs intake as well as sugar. The reduction in body inflammation and constipation will go down tremendously.

Evidence has shown that the Paleo Diet lifestyle is more likely to contribute to better health and longevity.

Pros and Cons of the Stone age Diet Pros


• Paleo Diet primarily focuses on vegetables and fruits, which reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

• Suitable for people with diabetes

• No measuring and counting of calories

• No exercise is needed if you wish to use it for weight loss

• It is environment friendly

• It is rich in healthy nutrients


• It is restrictive

• It is expensive

•It is socially disruptive because many people like low carbs in 

social events

• Elimination causes people to miss some 

nutrients like calcium which is present in dairy products

Eat Paleo diet – Drink This Natural Tea

Tea Recipe For Intervention And Prevention Of Viruses and Diseases

  • ginger
  • aloe leaf
  • clove of garlic
  • lemon
  • add raw honey or raw brown sugar to taste
  • bring everything to a boil
  • pour it into a blender and blend it away
  • then use a strainer to drain the liquid out

You can serve it hot or cold, although I prefer to drink it hot.

Does Paleo Diet works for weight loss? rich protein salad
Wild Caught Salmon

By eating natural plant-based and drinking natural tea, you keep viruses and diseases away. The best way to detoxify toxins and waste from your body is to eat naturally. Fats and diseases always work together, if you can prevent and eliminate one then you can also do the same for the other one.

Vitamins are a very essential part of our daily life, to boost our immune system, we need to take them either through nutrients or supplements. Just to let you know, a little bit of precaution can go a long way!


Paleo diet is one of the best diets that should be adopted by many in today’s society. It is the natural way of fighting diseases and improving our health and general wellbeing.

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