Ninja Professional Blender Review

Are you a fan of Ninja Professional Blender?

Are you a fan of Ninja Professional Blender? This blender can crush ice and frozen fruit easily.

Ninja is a respected name in the world of kitchen professionals as it has a lot of great products to offer,
and in this Ninja Professional blender review, we will take a look at one of their hottest blender products, the Ninja Professional 1000.

Affordable Blender

Not only it has a beautiful, modern design, this blender is also packed with huge 1000 watts power that enables it to crush some of the hardest food ingredients, like ice. With strong blades made of high-quality materials added to the mix, Ninja Professional blender has the ability to make the smoothest cold drinks and more.

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So what other great qualities this blender has and what are the negative aspects that you should know? In this Ninja Professional Blender Review, we will dig deeper to give you an objective point of view.

Ninja Professional Blender 1000   

Make Strawberry and Yogurt drink with Ninja Blender





Ninja Professional blender is really
easy on the eye, especially if you like appliances with a modern and sleek design. But besides its beauty, what else does this blender has to offer?

Powerful Motor – As explained earlier, this blender has 1000 watts motor making it possible to crush ice and other hard ingredients.

Strong Blades – Having a powerful motor is useless without having strong blades. Fortunately, Ninja Professional blender 1000 is equipped with six very strong
blades made of high-quality stainless steel. That’s why it can easily crush ice as well as frozen fruits and other hard ingredients in under a minute with incredible smoothness.

Big Jar – With a large capacity of 72 oz. you don’t have to worry about not being able to
blend enough smoothies for the whole family in one go.

Making Juice With Ninja Professional Blender 1000

 Ninja Plus - chopped salad

Making juice, whether it is fruits or vegetable juice, is probably one of the top reasons why anyone would buy a blender. So we know for sure that it can crush some of the hardest ingredients for a blender, but exactly how well can it juice?

There is no doubt that the Ninja blender can make great quality juice considering its blending power and six strong blades. 1000 watts is definitely more than enough power to process fruits and vegetables into a delicious, healthy juice. You will have the smoothest juice real quick.

Processing Food With Ninja Professional Blender 1000

 Ninja Plus - Food Processor And Accessories

Nowadays it seems like when you’re
reading tasty recipes on the Internet you are always asked to process the ingredients with a food processor. There’s nothing wrong with
that, only the problem is not everyone has a reliable food processor in the kitchen, so how do you go about that?

Best Ninja Blender accessories

One way to get around it is by using a blender, but you need to be sure that the blender is powerful enough to process various food ingredients of different shapes and hardness.

That is exactly what Ninja Professional blender can help you with. It can help you grind, mince or chop food ingredients really effectively. If you need to make chunkier chops of
vegetables, you can use the low setting and blend real quick to get that perfect size. While to mince up your food, you simply use the higher setting and blend until you’ve got the desired texture. Additionally, you can also use Ninja Professional blender 1000 to make a puree, soup, dips, and many more.

Ninja Professional Blender Review
Pros and Cons


Professional Blender? Single or family size drink
  • Powerful motor with 1000 watts power
  • The beautiful design would be a great addition to any kitchen
  • Large 72 oz. container, so you can prepare a large number of ingredients at once
  • Its parts can be easily removed and replaced, including its blades, cups, and container
  • It has suction cups at the bottom, so the blender will stand firmly in its place when being operated
  • Equipped with strong and sharp blades that can easily crush hard ingredients such as ice and frozen fruits
  • The blender has a flat control panel, so the body is easy to clean, you can simply wipe it with a clean cloth
  • Cups, lids, and pitcher can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • It’s a bit loud when operated, especially when used with hard ingredients
  • Blades are somehow not locked, so sometimes they pop out when in use
  • For some people, it might be a bit pricey


Cleaning the Ninja Professional blender is pretty simple as its cups, pitcher, and blades are dishwasher-safe. As for the rest of the parts, they can be easily cleaned with a cloth. The panels on the body are flat, so you can easily wipe it clean.

Parts such as blades and cups can be replaced easily, this eliminates the risk that you have to buy a new blender just because the blades are broken for some reason.

 Blender- Versatile - Extra Large Capacity
Make Cool and Refreshing Smoothie with Ninja Blender
Blend fruit to make smoothies

Overall, Ninja Professional Blender is a great tool to have in a family kitchen or in a diner’s kitchen where it has to work hard. Its design would add an aesthetic value to any kitchen, but that’s not all it has to offer. As you can read in this Ninja Professional blender review, this blender comes with a lot of great features that make it a reliable kitchen appliance.

Keep Cool with Frozen Fruits – Frozen drinks on a hot summer day!

Raspberry Crushed ice slushies

Comes with 1000 watts of motor power and strong blades made of high-quality materials, Ninja Professional blender can do more than just making juice in your kitchen. It can crush hard ingredients easily, such as ice and frozen fruits, making it easy for you to make just about any kind of frozen drink.

Final Thoughts

That’s not all, because you can also use it to replace food processors to make your job in the kitchen a lot easier. It can help you chop or mince vegetables or even process
hard food ingredients like nuts.

Ninja Professional Blender is just what you need to stay healthy!

Blend fruit to make Ice scream

If you are active in your kitchen and you often need to make juice, puree, or perhaps you often need extra help to process food ingredients, then you could consider having this blender in your kitchen. However, if you only need a blender for simple tasks like making juice once in a while and you won’t be using it very often, then perhaps Ninja Professional blender is a bit too much for you.

Ninja Professional Blender

$90.00 - $399.00

Alternative to Food Processor




Ease of Use



  • Powerful motor with 1000 watts power
  • Equipped with strong and sharp blades that can easily crush hard ingredients such as ice and frozen fruits
  • Comes with one-year warranty


  • It’s a bit loud when operated, especially when used with hard ingredients
  • Blades are somehow not locked, so sometimes they pop out when in use
  • For some people, it might be a bit pricey

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