Jenny Craig vs Weight Watchers – Review

In this Jenny Craig vs Weight Watchers Review, you will be provided with essential tips, guides, and video to begin your weight loss journey. Losing weight is a wish of every chubby or fat person having. It is now very easy to accomplish due to the various weight loss diet programs available.

They provide you with a diet chart to follow daily that is suitable to your needs. Some offer a 7-day diet plan for weight loss while others give a month’s diet plan. Whatever diet program is selected the important thing is to follow instructions wisely and honestly. The most appreciated diet programs for weight loss are Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers that are discussed here. Let dig into our Jenny Craig vs Weight Watchers post!

What did Jenny Craig offer?

Jenny Craig starts by meeting with the counselor. You will be provided an overview of the program. Then the counselor will listen to particular goals, layout, a success plan, and answers to queries. After purchasing the diet plan you will get a supply of Jenny Craig prepared meals each week.

Once you reach a midpoint of your goal, let’s say you lose 30 pounds. The councils will drive you away from the prepared meals and seek to incorporate more home-cooked meals. And once you reach your goal weight, then they’ll give you the best weight-maintenance plan.

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Meal Plan:

  • Jenny Craig vs Weight Watchers - Smart OnesBreakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snack
  • shake

Pros of Jenny Craig

  • The counseling part is very important because it relaxes the mind that there is someone to ease you through the program and answer any questions or any concerns that may arise along the way.
  •  Programs start with an intro which clears the outline of the plan.
  • The meal is prepared for you. You don’t have to worry about counting any calories while preparing meals or food prep. It’s all done for you and ready to eat.
  • Meals are wonderful and like those you eat outside of the program.
  • They have a wide menu of nutritionally balanced and delicious meals.

Cons of Jenny Craig Jenny Craig vs Weight Watchers - Review- mashed potato and vegetables

  • It’s an expensive diet program.
  • There’s a lack of flexibility at the beginning of the program because the meals are prepared.
  • you’re eating those particular meals for every day of the week.
  • So if you’re eating out with friends or you are having a meal with your family, You’re restricted to that particular diet that’s been prepared for you.
  • The diet is somewhat restricted.
  • Those who are vegetarian or have gluten sensitivity may have difficulty in having prepared meals that are set for them.

What to expect from the Weight Watchers diet plan?

Weight Watchers’ diet program starts with a group meeting that will last for about 30 to 40 minutes. After this particular meeting, there will be an orientation meeting for new and prospective members. Once you begin the program Weight Watchers encourages that people prepare their meals. They would shop and prepare it throughout the week.

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They prefer points plus system rather than having prepared food. Under the points plus system, each food is given a particular point value and people are given a certain number of points for each particular day. The people are based around the points. There’s flexibility and there’s no off-limit food, but it will cost more particular points. Once those points are consumed for the day, the person is done with the plan for that particular day.

Weight Watchers has a wonderful meal that can be purchased in grocery stores. They encourage that every individual under this diet program would prepare and cook their meals each particular day. Each week there are group meetings. They have a discussion topic of the week and they’ll answer whatever questions that you may have. Once you reach your goal weight you become a lifelong member and then the meetings are free.

Pros of Weight watchers

  • It’s much easier on the budget because you’re not buying prepared meals.
  • Group meetings are encouraging and motivating. You can learn from other members’ experiences and that could be encouraging if you like that kind of environment.
  •  The flexibility within the diet lets you have a variety of foods because nothing is off-limits.
  • So you can eat the same thing that your family eats, but you have to be aware of the number of points in the food.

Cons of weight watchersJenny Craig vs Weight Watchers - Review- macaroni and cheese

  • Foods that you take in have no one on one counseling.
  • The point system may also be time-consuming because you have to look at your diet.
  • Look at the points that you’re taking in each particular day and then keep track of it somehow during the day and thoroughly this meal preparation.

Attributes that differentiate diet plans – Watch this video

The question is which Diet Program will you choose?

It is not possible to say which program is better. Both of them are equally good and workable only if you follow the diet plan honestly. The right one is that which shows desirable results. Knowing details is important to make up for a certain thing. So here a detailed comparison of Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers’ diet program is provided for adding best to your knowledge.

Pre-prepared VS self-prepared food Jenny Craig vs Weight Watchers - Review- breakfast quesadilla

Jenny Craig is a diet program with food. It gives you prepared meals initially with two nonfat dairy products, one snack, and five types of fruits and vegetables. But you have to buy these additional food items separately. When you reach in between the plan the counselor asks you to start cooking by yourself twice a week. Once you reach the goal you can have self-prepared food.

Weight watchers diet program on the other hand is different as you can eat anything but in a controlled manner. Their diet program drives individuals to make smarter choices in food. The point system restricts the amount of intake of food but gives freedom in choosing taste, quality, and style of preparation.

Cost-effective VS costly

Jenny Craig is a costly weight loss program with a high enrollment fee which you have to pay only one time. But to gain access to other monthly programs you have to pay monthly. They charge $152 for a week which means $600 per month.

Weight watchers charge less and offer three levels to its members I.e exclusively online, coaching, and online with in-person meetings. The meeting level is much appropriate than the other two levels. It charges $44.95 although it does not include food from weight watchers but gives you professional guidance through the program.

Track what you eat!Jenny Craig vs Weight Watchers - Review- salad, fruit and vegetables

For a diet program, it is important to keep track of the food you eat. Jenny Craig’s diet program provides prepared food to its members so no need to worry about guessing the number of calories in food. Tracking is important in the Weight Watchers program where members have to prepare food themselves through a point system. Here honesty is required entirely to keep a record of what you eat.

Match all your needs

Jenny Craig has designed a special program for Type 2 diabetes patients with low carbs food. This plan does not work for vegetarian people because non-veg meals are limited and almost all meals include dairy products. This program cannot be used by children under 13 years of age and by those who are allergic to soy, wheat, and milk. However, Weight Watchers have a special diet program for nursing mothers.

Diabetic patients are asked to get their physician’s opinion in making any changes to the diet plan. A wide menu of meals is available for vegetarians because members have to prepare it by themselves. Weight Watchers have the same diet program for men and women but points allowed are different. This diet program can also be followed by teenagers.

Exercise for an active lifeJenny Craig vs Weight Watchers - Review- thread mill exercise

Both of the diet programs promote an active lifestyle. Weight Watchers give extra points for activities like walking, dancing, gardening, and exercise. Whereas Jenny Craig appreciates natural activities like walking, sitting, etc.

Changing Lifestyle and behavior

The prepared meal, exercise plan, and weekly counseling through the Jenny Craig diet program improves eating habits. Counselling also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Members come to know-how, how much to eat, and when. Though individual counseling helps a lot to an introvert person unlike Weight watchers’ group meeting it deprives members of experiencing different perspectives.

Learning scope is a way less than a weight Watchers program where group meetings are held to exchange different ideas and experiences. Weight Watchers teaches how to prepare and select a nutritionally balanced meal in proper proportion from the beginning of the program. Members of Weight Watchers learn to make a proper meal every day to maintain goal weight even after the program ends.

How much do diet plans affect weight loss?Jenny Craig vs Weight Watchers - Review- flat belly

Both diet programs are equally important for weight loss. People attending Weight Watchers group meetings lose weight three times more than the people doing dieting on their own. However, Jenny Craig provides a quick weight loss diet plan. Ranking of Jenny Craig was number 1 in consumer reports in 2011 while that of weight watchers was third.

Who can get hands-on these plans?

Weight watchers diet program is easily available in almost 30 countries. This includes Canada, Uk, the US, and Australia. While Jenny Craig is available in Canada, Puerto Rico, France, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and the USA.

Comparing the completion rate

Jenny Craig vs Weight Watchers - Review - pancakes

Jenny Craig vs Weight Watchers - Review - a diet reminder

If we compare the program completion rate of Jenny Craig and weight watchers. It is found that 73 % of Jenny Craig members continue the diet program after 4 weeks as compared to 63% of weight watcher members. But 6.6% of members of Jenny Craig follow after 12 months while 61% of members of weight watchers continue until 12 months.


So there is an overview of Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. If you’re the kind of person who needs a hand holding or a little bit more support at the beginning. And an easy approach to a meal where you don’t have to count calories and prepare menus then Jenny Craig will work best for you. If you would like a more flexible eating program and if the cost is an issue then the Weight Watchers diet program is going to work best for you. Without any doubt, both of these programs are wonderful programs and you have to find which one is going to be the best diet program for you.

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