How To Detoxify Your Body Before The Holidays

Before you start indulging for the holidays, detox the body for a couple of days.

Start with a 3 ballerina tea, add a spoon of metamucil in your water, make a green juice with spinach, kale, cucumber and fruits. Get yourself a good blender, add some ice.

Best and faster way to lose weight before the holidays.

Follow the military diet, you will lose at least 10 pounds in 3 days.

The reason why I recommend detox with the military diet is because I get constipated while on it. The whole idea of a good diet is to have a fast metabolism. If the food get digested too slow in your stomach, it will cause constipation. The faster it goes out the better it is. As you follow along, you will discover what is better for you.

Portion Control, fill up your plate with salads and vegetables.

I love to be an example at the dinner table, I usually like to make my plate colorful, pretty with smaller portion. Even the big eaters get embarrassed and start following my style of eating. Just remember the world is not coming to an end. There will always be another holiday, you will see plenty of it. So enjoy yourself, don’t go crazy.

The worst feeling ever, your favorite clothes do not fit you anymore.

Weight gain for some people caused depression and a lot of stress. Society is not that kind when dealing with overweight people. I cannot count how many times someone would come to me and asked what happened to you, you gain a lot of weight. I remember how skinny you used to be, on and on.

Trust me, you do not need a reminder, you already know you gained weight.

For someone to keep telling you about weight problem, It can cause emotional breakdown. People are cruel by nature, instead of motivate you to keep your spirit up, they rather kick you while you are down. The best way to deter attention from whatever they are going trough in their lives, is to focus on someone else.

Right after the holidays, Go back to a quick weight loss.

Follow the same thing you were doing before until you take of the excess weight.

Eat Whole foods, anything that nature intended and portion control. Learn to satisfy with very little, do not deprive yourself, just eat in moderation. Start snacking on a piece of fruit instead of going for heavy and unhealthy stuffs.

I do not eat breakfast, I start with green tea with lemon or black coffee. Maybe a piece of fruit if I truly want to eat something. Because breakfast was never part of my daily routine, I don’t even think about. I rather eat lunch and dinner.

I am a one good meal a day kind of person, If I have a good lunch, dinner is not even a priority, I like to eat a piece of fruit and cup of tea at night. Don’t forget to add a spoon of metamucil in your drink before you go to bed, that way you will be ready in the morning.

Anything that can help speed up your metabolism, that is what you do. You just do not want the food to be dormant in your body. Unclog your stomach fast, so the weight will not take form.

Other diet you can use to keep yourself healthy

Powdered bone brow and collagen, protein that is great for your muscle. 

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