How to Calculate Your BMI?

Knowing your Body Mass Index (BMI) is important if you want to either manage your healthy weight or have a goal to lose some extra weight.  In this article, I am going to show you step-by-step on how to Calculate Your BMI.

How to Calculate Your BMI - BMI Chart

Female BMI calculator

In the last few decades, the reports of obesity around the world are pointing to serious long term health issues. In fact, some studies report this is the first generation that will likely live shorter lives than their parents.  There are many health risks when it comes to obesity, and many reasons to be concerned about your health.

What Is BMI?

Body Mass Index is one of the ways of measuring your body fat and wellness. With a BMI calculator, you’re a step closer to controlling your weight and living a healthier life.

How to calculate BMI?

Body Mass Index is a simple calculation. It uses a person’s height and weight to give you a ratio for a healthy body size. The formula is kg/m2. KG is your weight in kilograms, and m2 is height in meters, squared.

Who needs to calculate BMI?

Adult BMI calculators should also factor in age and gender. Body fat is distributed differently for men and women and will change according to your age. BMI can be considered accurate for most people between the ages of 18-65.

The ideal BMI is 18.5 to 24.9. BMI of 25.0 is considered overweight. Body Mass Index should generally not be used as a measure for children or adolescents. There are specialized BMI calculators that can be used to accurately measure kids and adolescents, to help them stay healthy throughout their growing phases.

What Are The Health Risks Of A High BMI Number?

A high BMI number can lead to many health problems. Not only is a high BMI linked to diabetes and heart problems. Being overweight is also linked to gallbladder disease, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and even certain types of cancer. Extra weight on your joints also makes chronic pain and arthritis more likely. A high BMI can also lead to depression and mental health concerns.

What Are The Health Risks Of A Low BMI Number?

Being underweight can cause problems as well. Being underweight can lead to complications resulting from not enough nutrients, including osteoporosis, digestive diseases, respiratory conditions, and a lower immune system. There are many other health conditions linked to obesity. Many people with higher BMI report a lower quality of life, as well as self-esteem issues and lower energy.

Why Do You Need a BMI Calculator?

A good BMI calculator can help you stay on track with your fitness goals, by helping you stay within your desired weight range. With a good BMI calculator, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, you can reach your fitness goals from home, without needing a nutritionist or home gym. You’ll know immediately when you start gaining and be able to track how your weight changes over time. That makes it easier to factor in what your BMI is not telling you about your body fat distribution.

BMI Calculator is used to track the followings bellow

  • Health risk detection
  • weight measurement
  • Leanness measurement
  • Healthy weight plan
  • Waist measurement
  • Metric
  • Range
  • Body Mass index measurement
  • Weight gain prevention
  • Overweight
  • underweight
  • obesity
  • body fat
  • ideal height
  • weight loss
  • healthy
  • weight by age
  • weight by gender
  • blood test

How to Calculate Your BMI - Typical BMI Chart of Sizes

BMI for different body types


BMI calculator can be used as a guide to preserve wellness and to prevent sickness.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measurement of body fat based on height and weight that applies to men, women and children. Because high body mass is often associated with heart condition, high blood pressure and diabetes, preventive measures should be taken in order to avoid further complication.

BMI – Solution

A lifestyle change and a weight management program can be implemented to control the problem. Diet, exercise and portion control should be your focus. Living a healthy lifestyle by eating the proper nutrients and vitamins is the ideal solution. Although you have to follow a diet according to your body type, it will result in better weight loss.


A BMI calculator will not solve all of your weight-related problems. BMI calculators are not ideal for bodybuilders since the BMI calculator can’t distinguish between fat and muscle. It’s also not ideal for people with physical disabilities, people with extreme obesity or eating disorders.

BMI tends to overestimate obesity among shorter people and underestimates it among taller people. If you are less than 150 cm, or more than 190 cm tall, your BMI calculations may be off.

A BMI calculator is a tool, not an instruction manual.

It should be used with a healthy diet and exercise plan to keep you at a healthy weight. Remember there are many factors to your weight, including fat and muscle distribution, ethnic background, and your gender. BMI calculators are designed to help you get a more accurate picture of your ideal weight.

In the case when you can’t rely on an accurate BMI number, you should consider your waist circumference in addition to your BMI. Generally, these are the body types you should be aware of:

Having a slim waist is more likely to mean healthier overall. An overweight but with little to no excess fat around the belly represents a moderate risk.

A slim, but with more excess belly fat, or overweight with a ‘pot-belly are moderate to high risk. If your health is very important to you, then you need to maintain a healthy habit of keeping your BMI at a low level. Not only you need to keep your weight under control, and keep yourself looking and feeling great, but it’s also about avoiding serious health complications caused by obesity. These can include heart conditions, high cholesterol, diabetes, and other health problems. Your BMI may not be the answer to all of your weight or health issues. But a BMI calculator can help you stay on track and make it easier for you to reach your health and fitness goals.

Foods to Potentially Avoid & Tips

Take appropriate measures to maintain a normal BMI! Here is a list of foods that can adversely affect your BMI.

  • exercise 5 days a week
  • drink plenty of water
  • eat a well-balanced diet
  • How to Calculate Your BMI - Unhealthy Diet Imageseat fruits and vegetables
  • cut down on red meat
  • eat skinless poultry
  • eat fish
  • portion control
  • measure your food servings
  • avoid eating after 6 pm
  • cut down sugary drinks
  • avoid all carbs and starchy vegetables
  • get plenty of sleep
  • distress yourself through meditation
  • reduce caloric intake
  • avoid snacking on chips
  • no cookies or candies
  • replace chips with nuts and fruits
  • replace candies with frozen grapes or cherries
  • replace ice scream and cookies with frozen fruits sorbet
  • limit alcohol consumption
  • use 1/2 apple cider or 1/2 tonic water to make up a glass of wine
  • eat 1/2 a grapefruit before going to bed

How to Calculate Your BMI - Chicken with Veggies

Healthy food

This meal works for me

How to Calculate Your BMI - Steak with Veggies

Recipe meal plan


  1. 1 poached egg
  2. 1/2 grapefruit
  3. a cup of dark coffee without sugar


  1. a bowl of leafy green salad
  2. 5 saltine crackers
  3. a cup of dark coffee


1 apple or few grapes


  1. a cup of fresh pineapple
  2. a qt dark grilled chicken skinless


  1. a few raw almonds

Before bed:

  1. 1/2 grapefruit
  2. a cup of green tea with lemon and ginger.  How to Calculate Your BMI - Ginger and Lemon


Substitution due to constipation

How to Calculate Your BMI - Dietary Fiber Metamucil

In addition to that, I sometimes replace the green tea with these dietary supplements mentioned below to keep my body regulated every day.

I need to take a multivitamin every day to keep my body energizes

I also use this three ballerina tea to help with constipation and slow metabolism

To control my blood sugar level and my daily fiber, I use Metamucil as a dietary supplement.

Everybody is not the same, some people are regular by nature, some people are not so lucky. Therefore, If you feel that you need to regulate your metabolism, then go for it.

I feel like taking the extra supplements help to speed up the process of losing excess weight.

Some people have stubborn body fat that will not go down without taking the extra steps to speed up their metabolism.

We all have different genetic make-ups, our body does not respond to things the same way. We sometimes have to trick it into different things until we find what works. The best way to find a good idea is to get a list of ideas.

If you want to succeed, you have to believe in yourself and your determination. Dieting is about planning, strategies, will power, motivation, hard work and success. Don’t be afraid to try something new, the only mistake is by not giving it a shot.

In life, you have to try different things to see if they work, although I cannot tell you to do something, I can only make you think.

When you have your BMI under control, you can prevent a lot of diseases by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

An early prevention of health problem is the ultimate goal to health resolution. You need to take good care of your body because you have to live in it. If you lose your health, you lose everything. Remember the old saying, education costs money, so does ignorance. You already know what to do to keep yourself healthy, so why not do it.

Just look at life like a beautiful box of chocolate, highly decorated, full of surprises, you never know what you are going to land your hands on. In other words, early detection is the best way to prevent getting surprises. Get your BMI test, know your level, create a diet plan, exercise and leave a healthy lifestyle.

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