How keto diet works – Lose weight without trying


What is Keto diet?


The keto diet is the type of food that may push the body to enter a condition called ketosis.

Best way to describe Keto diet is the balance of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

The body generally uses carbohydrates as the primary source of energy. That may happen because most carbohydrates are the simplest to absorb by the body.. However, the body depletes the deposits of carbohydrates; it is due to the use of proteins and fats to produce energy. The body has a type of energy hierarchy that follows it.

First, our whole body is made in a way that it learns how to use any form of carbohydrates to produce energy and makes it available for use. Secondly, you will reuse fats as an alternative in the absence of adequate carbohydrate supply.

Subsequently, the body will switch to protein to provide energy when there is a severe depletion of carbohydrates and fat deposits. However, processing proteins to produce energy leads to a general loss of lean muscle mass.

More information about ketogenic diet and how it works?

The ketogenic diet does not entirely depend on the calories, calories from the form. This is because the formation of those calories is essential due to the hormonal response of the body to the various nutrients.

There are two theories floating around the world – which one do you support?

However, we have two school theories in the community that we live in. While some believe that in the fat and calorie consumption does not matter, the other states that calories and fats are essential.

If I try to dissect both theories, I can see humourous and seriousness in both.

Who cares about the consequences – eat whatever you want and enjoy your life.

Theory one thinks that, since one has to die anyway, why not live and enjoy life to the fullest? Who cares about what happens to the body. Who wants to look good in the coffin. Life is short anyway, let enjoy every bit of it.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” an ancient Latin proverb recorded by Henry.

Theory two however, says hold on, who wants to live with all kinds of diseases and die early? The secret to better health and longevity is in our food consumption. Early prevention of disease is vital to our lives, therefore, we need to find a balance between fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

What happens when you someone uses keto diet?

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How keto diet works? – Lose weight without trying.

When you use a keto diet, you are trying to find a point of balance. While calories are necessary, the formation of these calories is also famous. In a keto diet, the most crucial factor in forming those calories is the balance of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, and how each one affects insulin levels.

This balance is crucial because any increase in insulin will stop the breakdown of fats. Therefore, you should eat foods that believe the smallest growth in insulin. This will help keep your body in case of burning fat stored in the body as fuel: lipolysis.

The body can usually enter a condition of ketosis by itself. This is mainly the case at the time that you are fasting, as it happens during sleep. In this case, the body tends to burn fat for energy while the body performs repair and growth processes during sleep.

Carbohydrates generally make up the majority of your calories in a regular meal. Also, the body tends to use glucose as energy, as it is more easily absorbed. Therefore, the proteins and fats present in the diet are more likely to be stored.

However, in the case of the keto diet, most of the calories come from fat instead of carbohydrates. Since keto diets contain a low amount of carbohydrates, they are used immediately. The low level of glucose causes a significant reduction in the body’s energy.

As a result of this apparent deficiency, the body resorts to its stored fat content. It transforms from a carbohydrate consumer into a fat burner. However, the body does not benefit from the fats in freshly consumed food but keeps it in the next round of ketosis.

As the body learns more about burning fat for energy, the fats in the food consumed are eaten with little to store.

That is why the keto diet uses a large amount of fat intake so that the body can be enough to produce energy and also be able to store some fat. The organization must be able to store some fat. Otherwise, it will begin to break down the protein that is stored in the muscles during the period of ketosis.

Keto diet and weight lost.

In periods of fasting, such as when ketosis takes place, during sleep and between meals, the whole body needs a steady source of energy flow. The body has these periods on your typical day, and, therefore, you need to consume enough fat for your body to use as energy.

If there are not enough amounts of fat stored, the proteins in the muscles become the subsequent choice for the whole body to utilize as energy. Therefore, it is essential to eat enough to avoid this scenario.

The main goal of any keto diet is to simulate the state of hunger in the body

Keto diets deprive the body of easily convertible instant carbohydrates by severely restricting and reducing the amount of carbohydrates. This situation forces the body to burn fat to produce energy.

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