Health: Fat Burning Diet Tricks


Health: Fat Burning Diet Tricks!!!

After the age of 40, all hormonal changes start coming in women. There is also menopause in this and their weight also starts increasing wildly. It is important that this should be taken care of in time because once you gain weight, reducing it can prove to be a difficult task and it also affects your confidence.

Dr. Enna Cabrecca, the author of Menopause magazine, has given her example and explained that she had made a recipe of 125 dishes to reduce her weight. She lived on dieting for 6 days a week and used to eat only one day. She told many more about her program. She said that even though menopause is natural, but the weight gain depends on you.

Dr. Cabeca’s Diet Tricks

Eat three times a day. Avoid sugar, alcohol and processed carbs.

Avoid eating meat for 6 days, eat boiled eggs for breakfast, and fish for dinner.

Eat anti-ageing protein. The collagen present in them will make your body a fat-burning machine.

Use juices, soups, non-caffeinated tea, and smoothies prepared from green vegetables, fruits and nuts with minimal sugar in a liquid detox plan.

Smoothies will lower your cholesterol, normalize insulin, regulate estrogen levels, and improve mood and metabolism.

Take digestive enzymes after meals, due to which the nutrients will be absorbed in the body faster.

Start the day like this

Dr. Cabeca says that, begin your day by consuming two spoons of olive oil and lemon juice mixed together.


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