Hamilton Beach Personal Blender Review

What is the best Personal Blender in the market? Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is the Best Personal Portable Blender to buy because of its single-use, easy to carry, and no need to transfer contents. I am one of the people who does not like to spend a lot of money on smoothies, so this blender helps me save money every day.

On The Go Blender, Best Way To Go!

 Personal Blender - juices and smoothies




Making your own smoothies is a wonderful habit if you want to start having a healthy lifestyle. With all-natural ingredients, smoothies could be your regular healthy breakfast or even a healthy snack.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender Review - healthy rasberry smoothies

The best thing is making smoothies is super easy, you just need to blend the healthy ingredients for a few seconds with a reliable blender. So even if there’s no smoothie outlet between your place and your office, you can always make it yourself.

Okay, so now you need a blender, and there’s like a million types of blenders in the market, which one you choose? To make sure that you spend your money wisely, you need to find a blender that suits your lifestyle and your main purpose of buying the device in the first place. Hamilton Beach is a well reputable American company that markets and distributes products for home and commercial use.

If you are a single person who is always on the go, then buying an expensive
multi-purpose blender would be a waste of money. If a smoothie or a frozen cocktail is pretty much all you will be making with the blender, then it’s a good idea to use a personal blender. The question is which personal blender worth buying?

Blend Fruits And Vegies For detox

If You are looking to lose weight, blended Green vegetables and fruits are the best way to achieve results.

Hamilton Beach personal blender is
small, practical for those who are always on the go and it’s just
enough for simple tasks you need, like making smoothies and such.

Variety of colors- Hamilton Beach personal blender ,

Its practical design is allowing you to bring your smoothie wherever you go because the blending jar itself works as a travel mug. When
you’re done blending, simply remove the jar from the blender’s
base and take it away. Even the lid is designed like a travel mug’s
lid, so it will stay firmly on top of the jar as you commute.

The blending jar capacity is 14 oz, which is just the right portion of smoothie for one person, and it will sit perfectly into the drink holder in most cars.

Single-Serve And Portable Blender

Multi Family Size Container

With its small size and limited capacity, it’s clear that Hamilton Beach personal blender is not designed for everyone. If you want to have a blender for your family
kitchen or you are someone who is quite active in the kitchen, then this blender is definitely not for you.

In this Hamilton Beach personal blender review, you will learn that this blender is perfect for anyone who is
always on the go, especially those who have smoothies or shakes as part of their healthy diet.

Making smoothies is super easy with this blender and unlike with other multi-purpose blenders where you may need to use additional jars that could mean extra dishes for you,
with Hamilton Beach personal blender you can drink your smoothie right from the jar because it also serves as a travel mug.

It doesn’t take someone who has experience in the kitchen to be able to use this blender, it’s
really easy to use, pretty much you only need to push one button and you’ll get a nice smoothie.

 Multi Colors Plastic Jar

Use Hamilton Blender to Make Healthy and Leafy Green Juice.

Features overview

14 oz Plastic Jar – Hamilton Beach personal blender has a compact plastic jar with 14 ounces capacity, small enough to carry, but just big enough to give you the right portion of smoothie. It’s made of high-quality BPA-free
plastic, so it’s definitely safe for food. However, it cannot be used for hot ingredients.

Dishwasher Safe – Cleaning is not a fun part of anything, fortunately, both the lid and jar of the Hamilton Beach personal blender is dishwasher safe. However, after cleaning with dishwasher it might get a bit cloudy for a while.

The Motor – This blender is equipped with 175 watts motor, so even though it’s a small blender, it’s still powerful enough to crush ice, making it possible for you to make cold smoothies, shakes, baby marinades, marinades, and even salad dressings.

Ease of Use – It doesn’t take a genius to operate this blender, it has only one button
(on/pulse), which you push to run the motor and just lift your finger when it’s done.

The Blades – Made of stainless steel, it offers extra durability.

Color Options – It comes with a few color options; white, black, raspberry, red, and blue.

Ice And Fruits Slushies

Price – The price of Hamilton Beach personal blender is definitely one of its strongest selling points. Just picture it this way. If you often buy smoothies, you will save a ton of money. The price will range from $15 – $40. If that’s so, then the price of this blender is about the same as buying 8 smoothies.


  • Great price, only worth about 8 smoothies
  • Very quiet when operated
  • Perfect to make green smoothie and healthy juice
  • Dishwasher-friendly, easy to clean The jar is designed to serve as travel mug Perfect jar size for one serving
  • Very quiet when operated
  • It has a cord storage under the base of the blender


  • Small capacity
  • Cannot be used for hot ingredients/liquids
  • There is only one button, so you only get one speed
  • The jar can get cloudy after cleaning in the dishwasher

Detox and Boost Immune System – Drink Healthy Green Juice

Beach Personal Blender is good to make fresh juice

If you are trying to live a healthy life with healthy eating habits and you are always on the go, this single-serve blender would be a perfect choice.

It has just enough power to make nice smoothies or protein shakes with just the right size. What makes it even better is that you can carry the jar with you, because it can serve as a travel mug. So it’s really perfect
for an active individual.

Final thoughts

Use Hamilton Blender to Boost Your Immune System- ginger and Fresh green Vegetables.

It may not be the most powerful blender you can find in the market or the most versatile, but if you only need a blender for some simple tasks, why waste money on various functions you don’t actually need?

Hopefully, this Hamilton Beach personal blender review can help you make the right decision whether this single-serve blender is really what you need to support your healthy
yet a busy lifestyle.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender Review






Ease of Use



  • Great price, only worth about 8 smoothies
  • Very quiet when operated
  • Perfect to make green smoothie and healthy juice


  • Small capacity
  • Cannot be used for hot ingredients/liquids
  • There is only one button, so you only get one speed

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