7 Best Cheap Fitness Trackers Under $50

Best Cheap Fitness Trackers Under $50

Having The Best Cheap Fitness Trackers under $50 is a good idea for people who are on a budget. A fitness tracker can be used to track your working out activities and monitor your heart rate and diet control. The best way to find out that you are making progress is to use a fitness tracker. It is one of the simple solutions, but it can be quite expensive. Fortunately, I found 7 Best Cheap Fitness Trackers Under $50 to choose from.


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Don’t get too excited, this is not an Apple Watch! However, this affordable fitness tracker from LETSCOM in its entire design certainly resembles a smartwatch of big-budget technology giants.

It features a rubber band with a 1.3-inch tempered glass screen and a waterproof 5 ATM design, so it will take care of everything from the sweat to the pool. It will help you Track accurately everything a good fitness tracker should do, including steps, sleep, and calories. The breath guide is also a nice and surprisingly useful touch.

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The ID205 also works well as a smartwatch, allowing you to control the music on your phone, while call and message notification is a convenient addition, as well as a feature to find your phone (if it’s less than 33 meters from your device).

Elegant design with a 1.3-inch screenTracking some data seems a bit inaccurate
Very good battery life
Follow many different activities
Includes good smartphone features
Includes good smartphone features

2. Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Product details

Another of our favorites in this budget category is Xiaomi’s Mi Band 4, which has proven to be a popular model among fitness beginners who shop with a limited budget. It is a step up from the previous Mi Band 3, with a better screen and some improved features.

With a solid rubber band made of black rubber, he follows six exercises, including a treadmill and outdoor running, as well as swimming and cycling. It also has 5ATM water resistance, so you can use it in the pool and shower.

The Mi Band 4 doesn’t have the largest screen on this list, but the 0.95-inch AMOLED color screen looks sharp and clear, as long as you don’t find it difficult to read small screens. Other features include step counting, sleep tracking, and calorie burning.

7 Best Cheap Fitness Trackers Under $50
7 Best Cheap Fitness Trackers Under $50
The excellent battery life of more than half a month!Tracking some data seems a bit inaccurate
High-quality AMOLED displayThe screen is small
Solid construction and waterproof designIt has a button instead of a buckle.
Receive notifications from your smartphone

3. CatShin CS11

Fully circular display, quite recognizable for this price rangeIt has an only IP67 water resistance
Very good battery life
Follow nine different activities
Receive notifications from your smartphone

4. MoreFit smartwatch

Product details

CS11 is a solid fitness tracker with an emphasis on function and style. This is evident in the circular part of the watch which, unlike others in the budget market, actually has a completely circular display. This is a bright 1.3-inch touchscreen that makes it easy to scroll and read with multiple face layouts to choose from.

This model works well as an exercise tracking tool, recording things like steps, calories, and distance, while tracking nine different activities, including running, climbing, and basketball. It also monitors swimming, with an IP67 rating that provides adequate coverage.

The CS11 also works well as a smartwatch. Thanks to its sleek design and features. It has the ability to receiving call notifications, messages, and alerts from Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, and many more.

Great design and build quality for the price.It has an only IP67 water resistance
The battery lasts up to a weekThe circular design with a square screen reminds you of a budget watch
Better tracking of smartphone activities and featuresSome metric values ​​are somewhat inaccurate
Waterproofing allows you to swim with a watch.

In the market of budget fitness trackers, this smartwatch from MoreFita is quite another recognizable element: it rejects the simplified belt design for a 1.3-inch circular watch. Therefore, along with the stainless steel construction, it looks very elegant and stylish at a price below $ 50.

Still, it’s just as functional as the others, offering tracking for seven specific activities, including running, biking, and basketball, as well as counting steps, heart rate tracking, and tracking. Some are sleeping. It also works great as a smartwatch, with standard call and message notifications, as well as WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.

From a construction point of view, it is a quality item with an IP68 water resistance rating. Under the hood, the battery allows up to a week of use on a single charge.

5. K-berho activity monitor

Product details

The K-berho Fitness Tracker is another that falls into the aerodynamic but very functional category, with an attractive lifting price.

It is well made, has a 0.96-inch OLED screen with adjustable dials, while the IP68 waterproofing means it can be comfortably worn in the pool, shower, and rain. The advantage is that the straps are removed to reveal the USB connection, which allows for effortless charging.

As for activity tracking, it tracks your steps, distance, heart rate, and calories burned for several activities. Sleep tracking and a sitting reminder are other useful additions. It also meets many requirements as a smartwatch, offering call and message notifications, as well as features like menstrual cycle reminders and remote camera options.

Sleek and elegant designThe steps and some other measurements seem a bit inaccurate
Easy charging without the need for cablesBattery life struggles to reach a full week
Water-resistant with IP68 ratingSome metric values ​​are somewhat inaccurate
Decent battery life for the price

6. Lintelek physical activity monitor

Product details

Next on this list is this very popular Lintelek device, which is a modernized fitness tracker with a low price; is actually one of the more affordable watches on this list!

It has a minimalist design, with a 0.96-inch screen. The strap is removable for easy wireless charging, with the added benefit of more color options available, allowing you to change the strap to suit your mood and activities.

In that sense, in addition to the expected data, this watch follows 14 different activities, including tennis, basketball, football, hiking, and yoga. However, with only an IP67 rating, it is not ideal for swimming; there are better options for this on this list. Finally, the price is a commendable battery life of up to a week.

Best Cheap Fitness Trackers Under $50 - Fitbit
Great price and good value for moneyWater-resistant, but not ideal for swimming
Simplified design with multiple color optionsLess battery life compared to others on this list
Follow 14 activities, from running to yogaSome metric values ​​are somewhat inaccurate
Easy USB charging without cables

7. Runme ID107HR

Product details

Best Cheap Fitness Trackers Under $50 - Runme

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that does it all, then Runme’s ID107HR probably doesn’t mark your frames. But if you just want a simple fitness watch that does the job it should, you’ll find great value here.

Despite the low price, this watch is quite impressive. It comes with two comfortable plastic straps with a safety clasp and a 0.96 ”OLED screen that is small but transparent.

With an IP67 degree of protection, it is designed to resist water. As for the tracking itself, this watch tracks up to seven activities, selected from 14 in the app. Other features include notifications on the smartphone, as well as a remote camera, weather forecast, attention training and music control.

Best Cheap Fitness Trackers Under $50  - Man Running

Elegant and minimalist watchThe water resistance rating is not ideal for bathing
Excellent low priceOnly seven activities that can be tracked from the class
Includes tracking of up to 14 activitiesSome metric values ​​are somewhat inaccurate
Decent smartwatch features

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