5 Best Mediterranean Diet cookbooks

Best Mediterranean Diet cookbooks

Mediterranean Cookbook For Beginners

Buying and reading the best Mediterranean diet cookbook is the most straightforward way to learn about Mediterranean cuisine, the backbone of western cuisines. Now that finding the best cookbook for this way of cooking can be challenging, we have picked and reviewed the best Mediterranean diet cookbooks of 2021 to help you narrow down your options.

The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook 

Mediterranean Diet cookbooks – for beginners

This book should be your number one trusted guide when you want to learn all about Mediterranean cooking. All the 500 recipes provided in this book are modern, creative, and vibrant and you can be assured that using it will keep you at par with what Mediterranean cooking currently calls for.


  • A collection of interesting Mediterranean recipes 
  • Well-structured and detailed sections 
  • Kitchen tested recipes 
  • Recipes using readily available ingredients 
  • Many fast enough/weeknight recipes 


  • A few time-consuming recipes not suitable for weeknight cooking 
  • The nutritional information is only provided at the end of the book 

The 30-Minute Mediterranean Diet Cookbook 

30 minute - Mediterranean cookbook
30 minute – Mediterranean cookbook

This book is a collection of 101 easy Mediterranean recipes that you can use to cook healthy Mediterranean diets. The way the recipes are categorized in groups such as breakfast, desserts, sides, appetizers, and vegetarian makes this book one of the best Mediterranean diet cookbooks that you can use today.


  • Clear explanations of what to eat and why 
  • Recipes for meals that take less than an hour to prepare 
  • Easy to follow recipes 
  • Has 11 sections covering all types of meals 


  • More oven than microwave recipes 
  • Not picture-intensive 

The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Two 

Mediterranean Cookbook - Two
Mediterranean Cookbook – For Two

With a collection of 100 perfectly categorized recipes, Mediterranean meals can never get boring. Reading through the recipes without even trying them out is interesting by itself. If you care about your health and wellbeing, this is a must-read cookbook. If you need to enrich your knowledge about Mediterranean cuisine, click here for more information–>


  • 100 distinctive dishes 
  • Excellent easy to follow recipes 
  • Interesting meals for healthy eating 
  • Properly portioned meals for a duo 
  • Whole ingredients, simple to make foods 
  • Key advice on pantry staples 


  • Not picture intensive 
  • 100 recipes may be insufficient for serious Mediterranean dish lovers 

The Weeknight Mediterranean Kitchen 

This is the best Mediterranean diet cookbook when it comes to modern favors and picture-intensive pictures. No matter how busy your schedule is, this cookbook will give you easy-to-follow Mediterranean recipes that will leave you and your family/friends completely satisfied.

There are also traditional recipes here to give you an idea of what Mediterranean food was like in the past.


  • A collection of 80 authentic modern/ancient recipes 
  • Easy to follow recipes perfect for everyday cooking 
  • An amazing full-page photo for each recipe 
  • Highly diversified in the type of recipes 
  • Yummy recipes that are easy to tweak to match your dietary needs 


  • Relatively fewer recipes 
  • Some recipes are not suitable for weeknight cooking 

Mediterranean Instant Pot 

Best Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

This is the Best Mediterranean Diet cookbook when it comes to weeknight cooking. The easy-to-follow and perfectly illustrated recipes in this cookbook are what you need to take your Mediterranean meals cooking skills to the other level.


  • Authentic flavors of Mediterranean cuisines 
  • Perfect for beginner level cooks 
  • Simply crafted meals 
  • Good photos and great recipes 
  • No non-standard ingredients required in the recipes 


  • Few sections and recipes for a serious cook 


Although diets come and go, cookbooks that are once written can never fade away. If you have for long found it difficult to pick the best Mediterranean diet cookbook to cater to your dietary needs, just pick one from our guide and you will surely not regret the cooking experience it will give you! By the way, if you want to speed up your cooking time, check this instant pot out.


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